The Ultimate FishTrapper!




Our flagship product!

Check it out! (Video of it live in action, coming soon!)


  • Sliding doors on the lid and side, to allow fish in.
    • Set them to different levels to target larger or smaller fish!
    • As you pull the trap in, you close the doors!
  • Go-Pro mount to live-stream what’s going on! Combined with the sliding doors for optimal fish trapping!
  • Perforated bait ball to attract fish, and keep them in (plus hooks/wires to attract further fish with bait too!)
  • Perforated base to sink the trap fast
  • 4 sinker cylinders to keep trap in place.
  • InvisiRope extra to further hide trap.
  • Strengthened gussets in special boat version, to allow for users to cast trap off boat.
  • Multiple sizes to fit your need!

Do you spend too long trying to catch live bait before the real fishing begins?

Do you hate trying to bait those tiny hooks every single time?

Do you ever want to grab your supper in record time from now on?

Well, we’ve got the product for you!

The Ultimate FishTrapper is the device every fisherman will NEED to have going into their next fishing trip.

Never before has a fish trap been designed so well, and this effective. Made from polycarbonate, or premium clear acrylic plastic, our FishTrap is virtually invisible when in the water, ensuring that you don’t spook your targets! Chutes on the lid, and side, allow fish to get in, and will slam shut when desired, such as when being pulled in (no more wading out in freezing water trying to chase the little ones!)! Perforated holes in the base, as well as 4 cylindrical weight bearers, where you can load sinkers, ensures that The FishTrapper will sink, and sink fast! In fact, it’s so light, yet aerodynamic, you can even cast it out!

The included perspex bait ball will attract fish from huge distances, while not letting them get all your bait. And the attached GoPro mount allows you to monitor, and `wait for the perfect time to slam the doors shut!

Click here to get yours today!

We’re launching a KickStarter campaign for this soon, where you’ll be able to get your hands on the Ultimate FishTrapper with free shipping and a discount! Just join our email list (don’t worry, we’ll only email you once the campaign is live!)

What are you waiting for?


At FishOvation, we believe in giving back (10% of profits will be invested into charities and research) and responsible fishing practices, that allow the next generation to keep on fishing. The FishTrapper will be guaranteed to comply to your state/territories/provinces’ fishing regulations.

You can find out more about the pre-order timings on our terms and conditions page. But orders may take between 3 – 9 months to process, and once bought, you’re guaranteed your product, or your money back – and you’re guaranteed it first!


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 50 x 20 x 15 cm

Small (30*20*10), Large (50*20*15)


Regular, Extra Strong


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